Friday, February 22, 2008

sooo tired

i have a lot to say but i am bone tired.
rosie has a weekend full of junior olympic swim races - prelims and finals. very long weekend ahead. she swam tonight on a relay and did outstanding....but i nearly fell asleep driving home. in the rain with two swimmers in my car, a 45 minute drive.......not good. i shouldn't be driving anyway on vicodin. i won't this weekend.
anyway, the relay did very well, everyone in it improved their speed by multiple seconds. they each swam 200 yards.
i wish i coul stay awake to write about more.

oh i got my MRI results, i have chewed up meniscus; pulled ligament; scraping between my kneecap and joint; and a bakers cyst. well, hells bells, no wonder i'm in pain. so i am waiting for surgery that will make me worthless for over a month or two. but meanwhile, i hurt.

don't let this happen to you. that's all i have to say........ sorry, not that entertaining tonight.
time to go to sleep.....

what was that on the news tonight? our mayor madrid drunk ? HAHAAHA suddenly i feel better. i only wish i could stay awake for this story.....zzzzzzzz


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