Tuesday, February 26, 2008

more on paris countdown......

my partner in crime for the paris trip, little miss french speaking renee richetts, has give us her itinerary for paris as follows:

what to do when we get there....

Tuesday/arrival day
I'll be settling in to the apartment, taking a nap and a shower. Once up from snooze-time (let's figure at 4p.m.), and weather permitting, I plan to walk over to the Pompidou Center to take in the street scene there which is lively. Weather, and my energy, permitting yet again, I'll either walk to Notre Dame, or take a metro if the weather stinks. I have a tradition of visiting N.D. on the day of my arrival, and usually more than once each trip. Note that going to Notre Dame includes seeing the Seine, going over historic bridges, walking around the 2 beautiful islands in the middle of the river, etc....and there are too many etcs to list.

I'll be up and out to the local street market by 8 am to get fresh baked goods and any groceries needed. I do this every morning, except the day I go to the flea market. It's my idea of "living" in Paris and I LOVE to share it with others.
After b'fast I will either be taking the "bus #69 tour" all over, or I will be "riding the metro" all over to visit the system under Paris that is a world unto itself. I usually avoid the BIG metro stations, but for this experience, I purposely seek them out.
After lunch I want to visit the Cartier Foundation of Contemporary Art in the 14th, metro Raspail.
That afternoon, how about a walk on the Champs Elysee, where people are rich and prices are high but it's oh, so much fun to see. Then I'd like to go to the St. Michel Square, possibly for dinner in that area where the "other half" hangs and prices are more down to earth. This and the streets around it such as Rue de la Harpe and Rue de la Huchette, comprise another very lively scene and I enjoy having a beer or glass of wine at one of the cafes in that area. The whole time, I'll be looking for stuff to use in our workshop.

Before lunch, Cluny museum of the Middle Ages to see the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. After lunch, happy to go with you wherever you'd like: Eiffel Tower? Trocadero? Tuileries?
I will plan to be at the apartment by late afternoon/early evening to get it together for the workshop.

Workshop day 1 0930-4pm we're making metal/mixed media artist books. After 4pm, if folks would like, I'll take us on a walking tour of the Marais heading away from Pompidou. Or anyplace you'd like to go.

Workshop day 2 0930-4pm we're learning the "paint on" techinique.
I'd like to go to mass at Notre Dame that evening, but will wait to check the schedule until we get there to see what time it is. We might also consider doing an evening boat tour on the Seine. Let's talk.

Paris flea market. If you wish to come, please be at the apartment by 7 am. Yep, that's EARLY for you night-lifers, but if we want any bargains at all, we need to be there when the gates open at 8am. And we'll be done by noon.
I have to be at the left bank apartment at 2 pm to pay the landlady for our second week in Paris and to inspect the place. Should take an hour, tops, then I'll head back to the workshop apartment.
Knowing my usual jet-lag recovery pattern, I'll be ready for a quiet evening at "home" Sunday. However, if I didn't get to mass on Saturday, I'll go Sunday late afternoon.


apparently there is a small article in the union tribune north county section about our paris trip......check it out and then send COPY to me........

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