Tuesday, February 26, 2008

paris countdown continues.....

check list of important things to get done before leaving....:
1. say good-bye to dr. hot - remind him of my need for lots of vicodin and extra dosage and other medicines. decide whether i really need to take the snowboot contraptions for sleeping - gawd, do i need to wear them on the flight too? oo-la-la

2. get in contact with the house, dog and cat sitter, i.e. brooke and carlos, but mostly carlos since broke now lives in LA. carlos will need to be briefed on the extensive and sensitive way t treat our doberman who is afraid of everything including but not limited to, dust bunnies.

3. carlos will have to be briefed on the personality of our little kitty named princess fifi, she is actually a tigress ad brings in lizards, etc. she thinks the doberman is her personal pet. she sleeps with him every night. she hates other cats.

4. say goodbye to my children, except rosie who is going with us. i must remember to tell them my PIN numbers to everything, where my will and trust are located, insurance company info, keys to lock box and keys to everything else including storage units. must tell them that i have no secret hiding places in the house for anything, including but not limited to, money, so that they don't tear the house up while I'm gone.

5. hmmmmm, get the luggage out of the storage unit.

wonder what i am forgetting........

6. get rosie's homework projects for being out of school for over 6 days.

7. say goodbye to my friends........

8. oh yeah, finish all work due to my publishers......

9. check my check list.

and 10. ____________________________?
i know there is something else.


ted said...

I know what you're forgetting!!!!

lisa bebi said...

*hic* yeah!

Ted said...

THAT"S IT!!!! hic!

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