Sunday, February 17, 2008


I had a FUN time teaching a polymer clay workshop yesterday at my OLD digs, the stamp addict. i hadn't taught there since 2003.
I used my method of teaching called "lisa bebi's socratic method of workshop teaching". i learned the socratic method from lawschool.
students learn so much quicker with this method. it is basically this: explan in simple terms what the class is about - then, push everything across the table and tell them to do it themselves. My students were awesome. they did beautiful work. in fact, i went home to lunch in the middle of class and came back to find even more beautiful work. their work was so good, i think they ought to publish themselves.
i also had fun autographing various somerset studio magazines that have my articles and work. i like autographing. i like teaching. i love microphones, i didn't have one here, but did at the demo i did last week at foothills art association. i was just thinking if only i had a microphone too.
i should be like my daughter brooke - she carries a microphone with her everywhere. she keeps one in her purse. why? because she reports from everywhere for NPR and CNN.
of course i don't report. i just want to have one. her's has a square box around it with a big NPR or CNN on it. she used to have one with a big KNX on it. I want one with a huge BEBI on it. or a huge LISA. (there are too many lisa's out there, i might get confused with another lisa. BEBI is a surer bet) anyway, wouldn't that be cool. hmmmm, i guess i need a radio station to go with it..............hmmmm food for thought.

oh, by the way. dr. hot is still dr. hot, not dr. not-so-hot as one of my friends called him ("annie"). he is only 33 and still good looking - its just that i think he sees me as a fragile old fat jew woman. damn i think my daughter rosie sees me that way too.

what's that? you do too.....? well, hells bells.

well, i see myself and a young, yet fragile (i guess) athletic (although needing to shape up a bit), slender (inside the fat), japanese person. what? i'm not japanese. (see earlier post, "i think i'm turning japanese") damn, i have been hanging around kathy too much. but, i know i'm a JAP (jewish american princess, in case you didn't know).

at least i really think so.


Joy Logan said...

HEY you ar talking about my newly adopted sister here!!! By the way,I have a ton of magazines and lo and behold I just found my Nov/Dec Stampington with your whole article of how you do those stunning pieces that I love. Not sure how the mag got sidetacked but I think my husband ditched it in my piles and then it got covered with catalogs. So glad I found it! Question,what kind of papers do you use for the copies you paint onto? Then the paper you use to shrink them onto?

lisa bebi said...

i use plain old 20 pound bond - copy paper.
nothing magic until the paintover part.

i am on the cover of somerset weddings and an article within. also on the cover of their catalog.
and lots of places inbetween. i honestly can't keep up.
which is a good thing i think.
i will be in the newest workshop coming out about a month (in a big way) and i will be the featured artist in the june issue of somerset studio. and other stuff too.

Joy Logan said...

WOW you are so so creative! I will look for the other articles also.

Joy Logan said...

WOW you are so so creative! I will look for the other articles also.

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