Tuesday, January 15, 2008

sue norberg's salvation

my artist friend, sue norberg, did this piece which was published in teesha moore's art and life magazine. i received my copy in the mail last week. (www.teeshamoore.com).

when i saw this, i didn't notice who had created it ----i just thought it was fun to read and well put together. what a nice surprise to find out it was created by one of my friends, a local artist. this satirical piece points out just how outrageous and crazy the list of possible side effects can be of legal "novelty" high-end drugs.

as a family who watches TV together, we always like to crack-up and point at and laugh at drug commercials with their incredible and implausible length of possible side effects (some are just too silly, like the viagra ones), that could happen and then we as a past time enlarge the crazy possibilities with even more outrageous scenarios....
So this is kinda what Sue did, but, she made it into fine art!!!!.

both rosie and i loved it and then tried to make up other fake pharm-a-sydo - disclaimers,....we played like that for a few hours.

when i saw Sue at my art show at ray st. last saturday night, we began talking and i found out the piece was actually HERS! OMG....i had to give her a big hug and compliment as it had given rosie and me hours of enjoyment.


Joy Logan said...

Thats a riot I also love all the side effects on TV...as if who wants to take the meds after all that,lol. Do you remember "super ball" on SNL and all it's side effects?

lisa bebi said...

shoot i don't know about superball - dang i need to see that...
its fun isn't it?

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