Wednesday, January 16, 2008

my grandson gracie juries in!!!!

isn't he the cutest pitbull you have ever seen? that's my daughter's and her one-day-to-be-husband carlos's son. why did they name him graceie - because he isn't graceful, that's why. (see early-in-my-posting-career post regarding my grandson, gracie) i used to babysit him lots - like for a year!
OK, well, anyway, gracie made me proud this week as he (this mixed media piece of him) was juried in at san diego art institute this week. he will be showing now and for the month. if you can't see him in person, then check out later this week as they will have the regional show exhibit online.


Joy Logan said...

Very 3D looking piece Lisa! Let me find my old 3D glasses to look closer. Hey I am so thrilled you got in that show but hey you are that good!!!

lisa bebi said...

let me know how it looks in 3-d --- actually there was a time when everything i painted looked great in 3-d - it sort of spooked me cuz i was really trying for that.

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