Monday, January 14, 2008


i wish i were a flower child again - a child of love from the 60's......of course in the sixties i was much older than this flowerchild. i was a young teenager.
in the sixites i learned to take small daisies, sting them together without thread or wire to create a long daisy chain that i could then place on my head, like a wreath around my straight blonde hair. i would pick the daisy with a long stem, cut a long slit in the stem with my nail and then thread the next daisy's stem through the first slitted stem - thus creating a long strand. i could add to this with layers and layers of flower chains to create a very complex looking head band.......lovely. that was the very best part of being a flowerchild --- the flowers.

in the late sixties, i hung out with my friends who were sitting in "love-in"s or "smoke-in"s, but i never smoked. i didn't like it. i was an athlete, afterall - a competitive swimmer. i did not need drugs, grass, dope. just friends to hang with during those years. friends that didn't spend 2 to 4 hours a day working out in the pool. a different kind of group of friends than those i knew from the sheltered pond i existed in....

she's a pretty little girl, isn't she? - very sweet and unassuming and young.


Joy Logan said...

Did you see my blog collage "the last flower child"? My ex had hair down to his waist after he got out of the army and came home,unlike my first boyfriend who never made it back home.

Joy Logan said...

ps: I adore your paintings Lisa am so excited to find you to do family ones and see how they look!

lisa bebi said...

oooooh, joy, i'm so sorry to hear about your boyfriend who didn't make it home --- in those days it was so scary, day by day, wasn't it.

i can't wait to se hair down to there, though.

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