Monday, January 14, 2008

gracie's shopping day

every dog has her day....this is my daughter's pit bull, gracie. gracie is actually a boy (see much earlier posts entitled my only grandchild). brooke named him gracie, well, because he isn't graceful. but since he is named gracie and i got hold of a photo of him - well, i couldn't help but have a bit of fun. he doesn't mind. i initally called this piece, gracie's birthday - cuz of the hat, of course.
either way....i like it.
i have run out of "annie" art at the moment. i'm sorry to the many "annie" fans who have written me. OK, that was mostly "annie's" family and, well, ...."annie".

as i have said, if you woiud like me to paint soemthing from your snapshot (copy) and will allow me to publish it, send you copies to
lisa bebi art
8030 La Mesa Blvds., suite 259
La mesa, CA 91941
if you have a short story that goes with the (copy) of your snapshot, simply send it or email a copy of it, and include your email address and wany other contact info you wish to send. please don't send me someone else's photos without their permission to publish...OK? i don't want to get into any trouble, i just want to have fun.

it's OK to send pet pix as well.
thanks kids.


Joy Logan said...

WOW Lisa what would you charge to paint a piece from a photo? Kewl idea and you are so good at it!

lisa bebi said...

8" x 10" ----$100....i don't frame them....

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