Saturday, January 12, 2008

the virginal bernice

i have been posting paintings made from snapshots from my friend "annie"'s family album in the last few days. And, i have mentioned a couple of times now, "annie's" mother-in-law, Bernice, as she is the purest person i know ---- wellll....
here is a shocking painting - it is Bernice!
this was painted from a snapshot of bernice when she was showing some skin at a tender age - possibly 16. isn't she lovely?

see how dreamy she looks - she was probably dreaming of her future husband and all the lovely children they would have together and then dreaming of her lovely future daughter-in-law "annie" and the pure and sweet grandkids that were sure to come into being. (not forgetting the other grandkids...that i don't know as well....)

OR, possibly she was dreaming of becoming a nun, only wondering how she could get a great an awesome tan before signing up to a lifetime of black sack wearing.

actually, i don't even think she is Catholic... besides she never opted for the nunnery, did she. good call bernice. i love this painting, i hope you don't mind me sharing it with the world.


Joy Logan said...

WOW hey Lisa are these transfers or strictly painted? Love how they look!

lisa bebi said...

strictly painted - sweetie why not join me in a workshop? i can teach you how.

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