Saturday, December 15, 2007


tonight was the swim team party. parents sure know how to party - especially once the kids find their way to another room - the pool room for the rest of the night. upstairs the party swings up a notch when the better liquor is brought out.

i know i had a great time because i forgot my purse!

now i'm home and i'm watching the" mayweather and hatton" fight (that was on pay-per-view last week) with my husband - another true testament to my drunkenness.

there are over 30,000 crazy britons at this las vegas fight - must mean only one thing...... we (the USA) are a third world country now -if all those brits can afford to come here for a fight...then,. sheesha what is the world coming to?
and they sound like a soccer game in manchester they way they chant.
oh, i better go now and watch this fight - i am rooting for hatton.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!!

lisa bebi said...

thank you!!!! YES today is my birthday - birthday baby!

lisa bebi said...
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