Friday, December 14, 2007

goodbye Max

One of my favorite paintings, "Max's Straw Hat" was sold today for a xmas present. a wife bought it for her husband. she said that Max looked to like a typical southern Californian in the 50's, in his straw hat.

i explained that that is exactly what the painting is about. the painting is of my father - one of many photos taken from his early years in san diego.
when my parents came to san diego, they had left everything behind Tennessee; jobs, friends and my dad left behind his wife and home, taking only a few possessions in his convertible car to move out to san diego to start a new life with his lover, my mom. they married and settled down here. for their honeymoon they did the typical tourist thing of driving up hyway 101, up the california coast taking snapshots all the way. these snapshots have been the source of many of my works that i show in galleries.

another painting that sold last week was called "vaguely traditional" or "house of maxwell", a piece that included 3 Maxes standing in a row with different hats on reprewenting three different aspects of his personality. that piece took first place in the del mar fair in 2006.
so farewell to Max this week. I have loved showing and sharing you in many on forever in the homes of people who will care for you.

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