Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i have been working hard these last two days getting something done for the "heros" theme for somerset studio magazine. the absolute deadline is the 15th. i have finally settled on about 6 different medals i created to award one of my favorite heros - my father...or i should say, fatherhood in general, not just mine. they are stunning, i have to admit. after i finish them i will write up how i created them. sometimes, i do this just because i would forget. i know i am very forgetful, but i would forget anyway because as i work, one idea leads to another and before you know it, i have ventured off into unknown territory where no man has created before. AND somewhere i' m not likely to go again - unless the same set of circumstances present themselves in the exact same manner. not likely.
so i write out the recipe.
i can't wait to show them off. they are jewels.
but meanwhile,
in the flavor of the "hero" creations, here is a painting is of uncle earl - during world war II.


Joy Logan said...

Congrats on selling it isn't easy. I love your mixed media and collages,good that scrapeteria does also. Let us know how you did this "dad"piece please,it's great!

lisa bebi said...

thank you for coming aboard....i love perusing place. i wish i could easily explain my technique here, but i can't....however, i do teach workshops - you might think about going to one ---say the one in italy in october 2008?
also i am teaching at artfest this year (2008) and paris.

i looked you up --- looks like you live back east - thanks for finding me.
BTW, i just bought that book you mention on your blog. love it

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