Thursday, November 1, 2007

productive day

the best feeling in the world to me is a day like today where I get a lot of stuff accomplished. First i was able to write and send out 2 articles to the publishers. then, I produced about 10 new pieces of art, very small ones. i made a ton of office type phone calls, prepared about 12 paintings to hang tonight. then hung my show at bard hall (lots of new work, come see) with the help of kathy, stephanie and bryan,....then mollie and chuck were there too. (i think kathy's husband is going to ban her from seeing me soon as i work her too hard.) i'm sorry kathy.

after that, i introduced the demonstrating artist, kate mccavitt (excellent artist - demo-ed a type of sumi painting) at foothills art association, came home in time for the ending of the "office", then watched "scrubs" with rosie. had a bite to eat and now i will tuck myself in bed with my new favorite book by bill bryson! wait a minute, i can't find it.....looks like brooke might have come by here and nabbed it. she does that sometimes. its OK i am reading several other books right now too.
why did i get so much done today? because i have the fear of god in me that i might be getting sick. i can't leave all this stuff undone.

thinking over the day.....hmmmm, it was nice
loved the sumi drawing demo.

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