Wednesday, October 31, 2007

my eyes

i have been having trouble seeing lately - but then again, it has been smokey. for days now i have been cleaning the heck out of my glasses ... but this didn't seem to work. i was about to go to costco and demand new lenses when i remembered i have had this condition before. i called appointment was made for this evening - yeah, halloween night.
i'm still fairly new to kaiser and can't quite understand why i need to see a GP first before seeing an ophthalmologist. but this is how it happens.
at the GP's office i was asked to read a wall chart. i did OK, i think.
the GP asked me a few questions then asked me to wait while he called the ophthalmologist...i waited, it was nearly 8 p.m he came back and said the eye doc was on his way to see me.
"from where?" i asked.
"from his home" was the answer.
i felt squirmy about this as i hated to be responsible for bringing in a doctor from his warm hearth and home.
(none of these doctors were my trusted dr. hot, BTW ( see previous posts, months back, regarding hurting feet, etc)
i was also advised to go to the lab for blood drawing. not the kind of drawing i like.

so i had the appointment with the eye doctor - turns out i have iritis - the inflammation of the irises-- pretty dangerous ailment. i could go blind. but i won't cuz i'm being treated.
the scary thing about the condition is that it usually means there is an underlying problem, an autoimmune problem. last time i had this, the underlying problem nearly killed me - it came with acute kidney failure, my body was rejecting my perfectly healthy kidneys....why? god knows. it is autoimmune - that's when your body attacks itself. some doctors or medical scientists think i happens because of a T cell going whacky....from a bad infection at one time, maybe. or perhaps stress......everything is due to stress.

but anyhow, this time i know the drill. i will have to be aggressive about followup, making sure the doctors understand my weird ailment. i will probably have to educate them - the thing i had last time was a very rare condition. i wish we had stayed with scripps....oh well...... this all makes me so very sleepy. i better go to bed now...after some nice hot and cozy sleepytime tea. .... nighty-night all.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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