Wednesday, October 24, 2007

studio news

the studio made it through the fire without harm. it is positioned across from pomerado hospital which had been evacuated. more importantly, my dear friend joan irving's home was spared, although her neighborhood was not. joan and family returned to it today.
renee richetts and mary jo are still displaced. they heard their house is standing, but no other house on their street is. the worse is victoria - she lost everything: home, studio, her art and her art collection.


Helen Shafer Garcia said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad I found your blog- I've been trying to find out if Renee and Mary Jo were ok and to find out if they still had a home. If you see them tell them I'm thinking of them and if they need any help at all to please contact me.
Oh, so sad about Victoria's home and studio! Such a great gal- its so unfair. Let me know what I can do to help.
Helen Shafer Garcia

Plain Jane said...

lisa, Victoria from EAP?? please confirm. Also, isn't your studio across from Palomar Hospital, in Escondido? So glad it's safe

lisa bebi said...

plain jane: you got me - i don't know which hospital hahaha...dang. i'm not too observant.

sadly yes, victoria from EAP. i'm thinking we all ought to give her some fresh, new exciting creations art for her new collection - for when she , er gets walls again.

and HEY helen shafer garcia: i hope things are OK your way. bad news and luck for renee and mary jo, but they seem to have a good outlook. renee says all she thinks about is our 2008 workshop in february in paris. you coming?

Helen Shafer Garcia said...

Oh Paris -tell me more about your trip!

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