Saturday, October 27, 2007

advanced issues

this week i receieved the advanced issues of "altered couture" and "somerset studio". the reason i recieved them in advance is because i have art and articles in them.
in altered couture, i'm proud to say that my daughter, rosie, has a few pieces she created showing in the gallery section.
check out my tatooed shoes too.
the article i wrote in somerset studio has to do with creating homemade christmas cards that tell a family story (seen here).

its been very depressing lately because of the fires and poor air quality, so i'm thankful to have recieved these magazines. they have helped to lift my spirits some.
i am especailly impressed this time with Somerset Studio, definately worth buying, there are some different and very interesting how-to articles in there and good art to boot.
Altered Couture makes me want to take every item of clothing i own and re-make it.

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