Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Home Front- still a few bottles on the wall.....

we were worried about rosie missing a couple of days of school because of our turns out there is no school or swimming for all this week at least. i suggested to my family that we go on another trip, but they brutally and emphatically screamed NO. no more travels for awhile. we have been on the road a lot lately....but i m hoping that that's just the jet-lag talking. i don't see the point of breathing this nasty air.
we stayed tuned to our TV all day as everyone did - well, those who had a TV to watch, to see, just to know which way the wind was blowing. another time, another life, just watching the way the wind blows would be an idle and leisurely afternoon. an afteroon spent in the umbrian hill, perhaps, while lying in grass and munching grapes....but not here!
the wind powered raging inferno started to threaten our neck of the woods yesterday afternoon. ...well it came within a few miles as the crows flies which spooked me, but was really nothing compared to some of some families on our swim team who not only evacuated their homes to a "safe" high school but like a very bad nightmare of an unrelenting monster, the wind changed and the fire raged at the school's door steps. they were destined to be stalked by the fire.

luckily the fire department had a wild card to use...i'm still not sure how they performed it, but somehow, they created a massive back draft and veered the fire out of harms way, right before the shelter victims eyes. an old guy was interviewed...clearly shaken, but also was awed filled. he said in an uneven almost hicup-y voice that he had never in his entire life (which looked to be a long one) had he seen anything like it, and probably never would again...boy, lets hope not!

with all this going on, i forgot to mention that my house was unfamiliarly clean and clear when i got home from the airport....(see previous post). i must make things up to brookie for all the things i thought. she and "carlos" did a fantastic job of looking after our house and possessions. so i called up brooke yesterday.."hi momma" (she has my number on her cell- each time i am surprised at this) "how did you know it was m.....oh yeah. hey brookie what are you and "carlos" doing? wanna come over and play scrabble?"
"er, we are working momma.... (oh yeah, i thought, damn jetlag)...she broke into my thoughts," can i call you ba...."
to the point, i asked......
"well, where are you brookie?"
"i'm at qualcomm stadium,but can i call you ba....?'
i interrupted "who are you reporting for?"
..(uhm, i'm not supposed to give out call numbers in my post) but just let's say "CNN", "NPR", "SCPR", "NYNews" and about 10 other national places she rattled off, fast as lightening including live interviews for vancouver, sidney, australia, and various other countries..... then she was saying "but, momma, i really need to go...."
"do you get pay by all these entities?"
"YES!" oh, i'm so pleased with her.
"so, what are you doing right now? i want to give you and "carlos" a present each."
"That's very nice, momma, but i have to go because i'm on the air."
"what?!?! right now?"
i had just noticed she had been whispering.....
"OH GOD,RIGHT NOW, like right-this-second? with katie couric and arnold?"
"yessssss. momma."
she gave a loaded sigh that was whispered. (she's very professional)! tee-hee, so proud!

"OH well can you say "hi" for me? and can you get one of those cute little firemen outfits? for halloween, you would look so cute...."
"I GOTTA GO". i was cutoff.
"OK, talk later. love youuuuuuu. kiss, kiss"

she hung up on me while saying she would call me back........
i beamed, i'm so proud of her.
she works very hard.
i know she will call me back, cuz she always does find time for her momma. what a great kid!


Ramona said...

Hi Lisa,
I consider your blog a huge public service!! The time I have laughed lately has been when I read your blog!! Thank you. didn't hear this from me but I thought you and your faithful readers might be interested in knowing that there will be over 90 line crews working to put the lights back on in SD in the next few days. They are coming from many other areas of the country and will be here until all of us have our power back!! take care. oh, BTW...I think we might get to sleep in our own beds soon. I hope.

lisa bebi said...

hey ramone!
i can't believe you have been misplaced so long. and you house survived, i take it.
tats great news. also great news about the other line men coming forth. amazing how people come together during a crisis.
my thoughts are with you.

nathalie said...

Lisa - I am so glad to hear you are home and your house is still standing. How did your studio fare? This has been quite an experience! We are fine - Rick closed the office for 2 days and I got a taste of what it might be like if and when he retires - ugh, lets just say I have to figure out a way to NEVER let that happen. I adore him but it was a lot like trying to keep a bored little kid entertained the whole time I was looking forward to making some art and trying to figure out how to maybe draw with the ashes - until I heard they were sort of toxic. Anyway - we were supposed to evacuate, but didn't. We packed the car and drove around looking like Jed Clampett for several days. Looking forward to getting back to normal - whatever that is -but it isn't this. BTW - what is Brooke's last name - I didn't realize she was a reporter and I have had the news on constantly - I mean I probably have watched her and not even said hello or introduced myself. (Yes - I talk to the TV)Look forward to seeing you and your art soon.

lisa bebi said...

HEY nathalie!!!
great to hear from you....sorry about your adjustment to "nearly retired rick"... i think almost all women our age have similar worries.......well hell, that exact same worry!
ah, we have o train them to love art!
my daughter is brooke binkowski, she is a big RADIO not TV news person. (she is getting trained for TV now, only because i have begged her to, because i want/need to brag to my friends and say did you "see" my daughter?)
i'm working on her to get married to "carlos" and to give me a grandchild that i can visit when i want - er, not to have to watch too often and not to interfere with my free time too much.............

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