Sunday, September 2, 2007

waiting to hear....

So tomorrow is the last day of waiting before the registration envelopes go out in the mail to Washington state (fort Worden) for Artfest 2008 in April. (see, how exciting!!! teesha astutely holds off the registration day until September one can register sooner than that date --- to give everyone a even playing field as far as registering is concerned. there will be 500 artists attending Artfest and only a handful of the very best or "cream of the crop" teachers. and hey, this year I am one of those teachers!!!!! i can't wait to see which artists i get for students...i believe i will have some big named ones as i heard privately from some ....Artfest is the finest art retreat in the country.... we share 4 wonderful days of growth and idea sharing workshops. artists attend from all over the globe....New Zealand, Canada, Australia, England, France, Switzerland, etc. the experience is so condensed and intense that the rest of the year we will all still be enriched and processing the art experience. many will come away teaching what they learned in their neck of the woods. and so the art experiences grows. i really can't wait.
I will be teaching a mixed media class, mostly painting is involved. no painting ability or experience is needed...many of the artists are skilled in other things like sculpture or print making and want to expand their creative arsenal.

i know i keep complaining about the weather (see previous posts)- the heat here (over 106 degrees Fahrenheit today) in San Diego, southern California, but i failed to make clear just why it is so awful... you see, we have a thing here called San Diego Gas and Electric Company that is very greedy, in fact they are more criminal than old fashioned mafia....or any slum lord in new york. it would cost us approximately $2,000 a month to run our air conditioner!!!! i kid you not!...we can't afford that, nor can anyone else. our family has a swimming pool, thank goodness (although the water was warm today). but what about the poor and infirm, i really worry about them.

today we went to costco to get our passport photos processed (for my Italy workshop in October!!! see previous post entitled Umbria, Italy workshop ....). i was surprised that the big warehouse was air conditioned, i really didn't expect that. turns out everyonein town knew this but me. i am a crowd-phobe...can't handle it, makes me touchy and bitchy. to make matters worse in costco.. it was the mid-day free food fest time...oh lord, i don't believe in unnecessary laws or big-brother surveillance, but i truly believe there should be some sort of pre-requisite test to get a license issued before anyone may drive a shopping basket. a crowded costco at lunchtime is the worse, very closely followed by anytime of the day at Trader Joes. gawd, if only i had a gun today..... argh! why do people leave their carts parked sideways in an aisle that is clearly a cart thoroughfare? there was this mean old lady with no teeth i was stuck behind in the fruit section that refused to move her cart that she left sideways blocking an entire aisle while she was examining tomatoes. i practically screamed "fire" to get her out of the way....damn it. when she finally did move, she took her sweet time....there was no where to move--- forward or backwards, i was trapped between her and a clot of freeloader feasters trying out samples of soggy sloppy joes. barf. just to the other side of me was a station of some kind of previously frozen burrito mush with "fresh" from a can salsa topping it. (where's the toilet bowl I'm gonna puke) the experience was nerve fraying. panic attack.
later, i don't know what possessed me to do this, but i finally tasted something, unfortunately it was a vitamin enriched protein drink that was close to the healthy section near the exit. i tentatively asked the person pouri the drink if it tasted good and she said, "wellll, do you like prune juice?" i thought maybe i did for a crazy minute, then- PAH-TUEY that was lethal. i had to run to the coke machine after that.
with all this aggravation, i had forgotten that it was 106 degrees outside - until we stepped out. i was worried my flip flops would melt and stick to the blacktop. my poor 12 year old was chattering away about blacktops at school; that they shouldn't have them because they are too hot during P.E., maybe green tops, she was thinking, white would reflect too much - hard on the eyes.....she makes a good point. i looked over at my husband, but he was fighting for his life against the heat (still sunburnt and sore from his fishing trauma). so he had no comment on the matter.
i think there ought to be another law preventing schools from having gym class during these months anyway. maybe they could instead teach young middle schoolers how to use shopping carts in a civil manner by taking them to an air conditioned grocery store instead.

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