Monday, September 3, 2007

tinting bleached work

another article i wrote earlier this year for somerset workshop was this technique on bleaching paper, then tinting the bleached areas. its a nice warm result.


it was so hot today (108) i saw a transvestite in a shift and FLIP-FLOPS!!!! when was the last time you saw a transvestite in anything less than heels?


Plain Jane said...

It's just a sin the way this world is getting more and more casual! Flip flops indeed. Heels were ALWAYS the standard!

Colette George said...

Hey you, loving your blog! Bleaching, I did some of that too in my book- but in a different way for aging ribbons etc. :)
I'm scootin around here and enjoying the scenery. + Your comments are so funny just sitting in the text like little gems.

Have a happy mother's day! 2009!

Colette I want to say thank you for the other day- and also - I have a tendency to chatter when I'm a little nervous. . .


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