Sunday, September 2, 2007

got milk? resist?

last year (summer) while getting ready to dream up a new project to write about for the xmas issue of the magazine (, publications), i started playing with milk and cookie cutters and pale colors of pink and green inks. as a result, i discovered a new resist with milk - and i did this article for somerset studio magazine.
i have been thinking about it more and more, i am getting excited about a new possibility with this technique. .....i'm thinking of doing milk drawings, like pen and ink of animals and designs for backgrounds.......i think i will start that tomorrow - unless it is still too hot to work.
it was too hot to work today.....and i spent the day with rosie floating around in our pool. sigh. its tough.

i am getting nervous about this problem of the killer heat preventing me for doing much. we are expecting guests from london, england in 2 weeks and my house looks like it was a test area for the atomic bomb. i am seriously thinking of ordering a large skip from a waste company for a week and doing major demolition to our home. kathy thinks i ought to hire forensic people and a hazardous waste cleanup crew to clean up the house.
(see previous post about my husband) my husband stumbled home about 9 tonight. the boat he was on was caught in a storm. the ocean was rough and he threw up numerous times. he threw up in spite of his "patch" for motion sickness. he also was thrown from his bunk in the night, unable to sleep, and for some reason the air conditioning wasn't working either, so the cabin was roasting. he become dehydrated and sun burnt during the day. oh, and he didn't catch any fish. but apart from that, he had a great time. at first he said he would never do that again...then he reconsidered and said that he might if and only if he could go on a boat that didn't rock. hmmm. this trip was a gift from his workmate, "alex", which was very generous. it costs over $3,000. i screeched when i heard this and said, holy crap that would be a trip to italy. for all three of us. but a gift is a gift. (i don't know what his friend expects for his bday - yikes).
anyway, he brought home some albacore - "alex" caught one which was divided up - the only fish caught by these 6 fishermen.
sounded like the highlight for my husband was seeing dolphins swim next to the boat -those dolphins are very playful animals, they are always doing that (the dolphins, that is). they also spotted and followed a whale. which i thought was totally cool.

so i am hoping that the weather cools so that i can cook his birthday meal (see post entitled "just think happy thoughts") so that we can share his expensive wine before the heat ruins it. hmmmm Bordeaux really doesn't go with albacore. better get some pinot grigio. or maybe we will eat out in an air conditioned restaurant.

whenever the heat is this bad i remember a "married with children" episode where they went to their local grocery store, like vons, and got the chaise lounge beach furniture down from the store's shelf and sit in it all day in the freezer section, of course using the coolers as ice chests for their beers. i am so close to doing that myself. maybe we will have a meal there and uncork the Bordeaux. or we could get down a hibachi from a shelf and buy some coals and have a cookout of albacore in the freezer section. we could even pull over an umbrella to sit under for effect. they already play pretty good piped music.....-
yeah, i'm pretty sure about the pinot grigio now.


Bernie Berlin said...

Just thought I would pop in and say hello!!
It was very nice to meet you In North Carolina at Paint, Paper, Craft. I'll probably see you at Artfest.
Take care and keep making your beautiful art!!
Bernie Berlin

Bernie Berlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lisa bebi said...

thats weird, i didn't delete anything.....hmmmm.

HEY bernie! thanks for stopping your ATCs book.
will you be going back to PBS? i am going to try to go again next year.

i was just admiring some of your recent work yesterday as i was at barnes and noble.

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