Saturday, September 15, 2007

helpful group

i had to call in the SWAT TEAM to help clean and clear the house....

i have been thinking about this.......... i have had the united nations at my house to help..... kathy is japanese. the people who came to clear today were, Indian from India, Mexican from TJ, Tom....who has been doing repairs, hard labor and general fix-it-ness says he is scotch, Irish, american Indian and other stuff. so he makes up for most of the nations.
my husband (Italian) contributed by taking us to lunch and buying margaritas (mexican drink originated in TJ).) and ME, little half jew girl.

oh, and don't forget the British are coming this afternoon. They will make us tea.

so no wonder this place seems like an UN Conference in Geneva .

i think i can finally say that between us all....... we are marginally winning against the house and garage. i have a few more table tops to attack and closets.

so, lets see:
4 truck loads to the far...
15 BIg bags to St. Vincent de Paul donations
purchase of :
1000 new plastic containers,
space bags,
more huge hefty bags,
new curtains, shelving, table cloth
new bedding and towels,
shampoos and soaps
minor things like deep heating pain medicine.....advil..........
pedicure, and manicure
and lots of Starbucks Chi Tea blended cream frappaccino with sprinkled nutmeg on top- my new favorite cold drink that kathy turned me on to.

another few weeks of attack and i think we could win this battle.
after all this happens, i will go back to being the busy little artist i was...... and let the house migrate as it will until the next time i deploy the United Nations.

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