Thursday, September 13, 2007

paring down

this painting is for my husband, the vintage boxing is entitled "the demonstration" of james j. jefferies and jack armstrong (his sparing partner). they were a great pair and toured doing demos for publicity. James j. jefferies was the champion of the "Great White Hopes" until he had a run in (in about 14 rounds) with big black Jack Johnson in 1909. he later settled into his farmhouse in guess where? Burbank, California!!! hard to believe, isn't it?

Kathy and i did a bit of sparing of our own against my garage. not fighting but clear up and clean up. we are both on a huge campaign to get it all done..."it" meaning the house in order and organized. of course handy tom did all the lifting and the real dirty work. it helps to have a man around the house... we shall see who wins this match. us or the house and garage.


Ramona said...

Hi Lisa, Love the boxing but would really like to see some of the new surfing art!!!

lisa bebi said...

thanks...i need to have it photoed first.

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