Monday, September 17, 2007

the "two graces"

This little ATC is entitled the Two Graces".... it is posted as a tribute to my family/friends who are here visiting from England, Rona and Kaye. They are sisters, in the sibling sense, not the Papal sense. Although they are very angelic. They have come and chipped right in on the overall campaign of cleaning and clearing my house. Who doesn't want to spend their vacation cleaning house? You see, my house is THAT bad.

Anyway I had a second free to write in the blog right now as they are having a manicure and pedicure each...i think they deserve that since they already vacuumed my house and cleared out my refrigerator. see what i mean? who is lucky enought to have guests like that!?!?

so they are the 2 graces, if their mum had come, they would have been the "Three Graces". but at 79, Mum doesn't want to travel by aeorplane this far.....but, hell, when she was here last time (2 years ago) she out vacuumed and cleaned and shopped us all.

maybe Mum will come next year. its better to have the third Grace here.

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