Friday, August 17, 2007

the old man, bleach and beeswax

several months ago i did an article for a special publication called Somerset Workshop. The article shows my process of bleaching, tinting and using beeswax to create an interesting vintage look to old photos (copies) and other images. this piece here of the old man shows a bleached background (using big dots stamp and liquid bleach, then stamping on the black (Art Again!)paper, leave it to process...the result is an imperfect warm tan color to the dots. i decided not to tint these dots as i really liked the natural color. the old man is a photo i bought at an antique store. i thought he looked a very interesting specimen from about the turn of the last century. i photocopied him in black and white and glued him on a piece of postal trash - a postcard that i torn from a magazine, no doubt. then glued that to the background paper. the last thing i did was sparingly sprinkle bits of beeswax beads that i bought online from R & F handmade paints. i sprinkled them on the picture and melted them in a very low heated oven for only a few minutes. i left the oven door open so that i could watch it melt. what do you think i ought to name him? i think he looks like his name should be Theodore.

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Anonymous said...

Theodore looks about right. He looks too grumpy for a ted or teddy.

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