Thursday, August 16, 2007

shall we dance?

today i received my 5 stamps from stampington to create about 9 pieces for the various magazines by october. that's because i am an artist on call. i love the challenge and will probably fold into the project tomorrow.
some of you have asked whatever became of my daughter, brooke, who called me one day a few weeks ago very cheerfully informing me that she quit her job....(see previous post july 31, "brooke")....

oh my brookie...what a pistol!!!

yeah, xxx asked her to reconsider quitting (she works for xxx radio in LA as a reporter for XXX). i asked her - "well, what are you going to do?"
she quipped, "i'm going to reconsider for a few weeks, then quit!!!!" she was pretty dead-set on it. and happy with herself.
so its been a few weeks. she came by yesterday..."guess what?" (happy again...this time i'm weary....) "uhm, you don't have a job?....."
"You're getting married?"
i tiptoe..."uhm, you. want. to. move. back. in....?"
the words "oh, that's good" escape out of me like a burst balloon.
"nope, nope nope, i got a new job with CNN as a world reporter!!! i'll be working for CNN again, but this time i can work from here and not from HOtlanta (thats atlanta plus hot)..." she is freefalling with joy.....
"WOW! when did you apply for that job" i talk to my daughter many times a day, i couldn't believe i was ignoring her when she mentioned this one.
"i didn't, they approached me, momma. i'm pretty good at what it do." she cocks her head to the side and smiles at me, showing all her teeth like a pleased hummingbird (see picture of brooke, previous post in june "i love my kids").... (uhm if hummingbirds had teeth - remember i'm an artist and in my world hummingbird have teeth --they do cock their heads to the don't need to write me in the morning, and correct me - a few teachers read this post!).
" i have to quit xxx."
i know she is good at what she does because she's my brookie-poo.
"thats great, brooke but why, why wouldn't you want 2 jobs?"
"because my union says i can't do 2 at once...."
hmmm, i'm thinking - her union, she is in a union?, i never belonged to a union---that's so impressive. not sure why this impresses me so much.
"do you have to move to Washington DC then?"
"no, but i might have to travel now and then."

"wow, thats really great brooke...what are you doing now, wanna have lunch?"
"sorry momma, i can't because i am going to walk the dog for 2 hours, then go to the gym, then run with my friend Mike. Then when carlos gets off work we're going to take the dog to the beach!"
that child has more energy than god intended....she's always been this way.....she can do a somersault in mid-air from a standing position if she gets excited. i had witnessed this many times during her dating years.

so that's some of the stuff she has been up to. she is also back in college. and also she was on jazz 88 tonight doing her jazz show for old time sake. she writes for a local newspaper just for the heck of it and reports for a wire service.
but, i need to talk to her again about her time-line for marriage....maybe i should call up her boyfriend Carlos and pester him.

again. hmmmm, something to think about before i fall asleep tonight.

and just for the record, i would love to live with brooke at her house one day.......


Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered that airing your daughter's personal and professional business along with the names of companies she works for could potentially get her in trouble? Many organizations, news and otherwise, get alerts whenever something new is posted about them on the Internet. Should this news be about one of their employees wanting to leave, it could sway their decision to keep her.

lisa bebi said...

good point, i didn't even think of that...what i did, though, was ask her if it was ok to air...
brooke's mom

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