Thursday, August 16, 2007


(this is rosie's art)
i promise not to write about being sick after this....BUT i called the kaiser pharm. to report that my meds are making me puke....she asked how long after i take it does it make me upchuck. i told her sometimes up to hours later....she said, ,OK. you might be have a "cccccccoonuittience"............i asked her to stop and tell me what that was...she said "two things happening at same time. you might have stomach problem.".... oh (i get it) "coincidence", ameri-phillo- pino talk.

"ok" she says, "so if you throw up after hour you getting nuff med.s in yo bloodstrem--no need call doctor. no need change meds. you OK." hang up.


but what about puking?

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Anonymous said...

did they happen to mention that a good foot massage will cure most of your ills?

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