Saturday, August 18, 2007

dress up and go to the desert

i don't think anyone does sunday drives like they used to......this is a painting of my dad, Max, who was no doubt impressed with this large, lone Joshua tree..he was newly moved to California from Cincinnati (where he wrote for "the Cincinnati Post - entertainment section) and duly enamored by the vast desert. so he is dressed in his Sunday best, his big hat, drove his big convertible car and stands very tall and erect next to the big tree. i loved this family photo (black and white, of course) so much that i made a painting or two from it. i love to use hot pink and orange and other artificial colors, rather than tints, like most b & w photos brought to life. i like to use these colors because of the contrast between the severity of my father's stance vs. the playful garishness of the colors. its just my sense of humor.
so tomorrow is sunday - we probably won't go for a family drive in our dinky prius, instead we will probably go for a family workout at 24 hour fitness. this week, i am completely cautioned and mentally prepared for that inevitable confrontation with the crotchety old battle-axe who glares at me from the weight-lifting room mirror. man, its a good thing she is working out, hohoboy, what a fatty-cake. hope they have 911 on auto-dial.
don't worry i'm going to take it easy this week (see previous posts about being sick all week after workout last sunday and being treated by my "hot" doctor). although....i might need to go to the doctor for .....uhm...a check-up on the toxic meds. that "not-so-good-looking" doctor prescribed. (again see previous post regarding barfing up meds). hmmmm. might be worth the risk......

every saturday we have sandwiches from the best damn deli this side of little italy in san diego, called BMH (on el cajon blvd. near st. martins catholic church, in la mesa, practically down the street from me) the "H" of BMH stands for howard, who has become one of my most favorite people.....he is energetic and happy and welcoming and makes bread everyday, fresh. today he is excited to go visit new york city next week on vacation. but when he handed me my order, he looked me in the eye and cautioned me to take time off for myself. to rest. to have free time and not drive myself so hard. i guess he could tell i have driven myself too hard these last months. he should know, he does the same thing. i took his words to heart, i kinda had to - he was still holding my sandwishes....i know i overdo most, well- uhm, everything and that i am my own most worst enemy in that health suffers sometimes... which is why for one thing, i believed the doctor on a friday (not "hot")back in the very beginning of creating this blog that my spleen was enlarged and had to take special precautions all weekend long based on that belief --- which turned out wrong. thank god. (see previous post, in the very beginnng, why pimp my spleen)....
well, now i have talked myself out of working out tomorrow - the family can go without me. i'm thinking since it is such hot weather, and i need to TLC myself, a nice couple of gin and tonics by the pool might be what howard was trying to tell me. yeah, thanks howard....and enjoy NYC. i like you almost as much as dr. hot.

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Anonymous said...

The pool idea sounds better! hahaha but make mine a pear martini! hope you get through the week without seeing the Doc.

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