Monday, August 20, 2007

My dad and grandma

this is a painting of my dad visiting his mom, grandma. i love this painting because of grandma's spanish style house, typical of southern califonia with its clay tile roof and cool awnings. the other thing i love is grandma's polka-dot dress. i think i remember that dress. i believe it was made from light wool crepe. later in life i would look for that type of cloth so that i could make a comfy (modern)dress for myself. i never quite found it. (sigh)

looks like my dad has a rolled up towel in his hand. he loved to swim. he was a competitive spring board diver. he was always good at standing erect.....could have been a result from his days in the service. i collaged bits around them from one of the directories he printed on an ongoing basis. (the directory was from the '50's)...he had a local newspaper and print shop. i think some of my deepest passion comes from my love for the shop. i was there lot and later worked for him when my son was a baby. i learned to do job printing, i did pasteups and worked in the darkroom. i drew logos and other custom work...also ran the small press...and sold ads. i used the huge gyro-ing paper cutter that looked like a guillotine, in fact i think it was called the guillotine, anyway you need to use both hands to operate it--so that you wouldn't leave one in to be chopped off.- that thing would really whirl, it was industrial strength; it could chop through 6 reams of paper or more at once... those days are far over. i miss the smell of ink and the excitement of press day when the gigantic rolls of paper he loaded on he web press for publishing started to roll and churn and groan out the weekly news.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, where did your Grandma live? was she in San Diego?

lisa bebi said...

sadly, i don't remember where exactly, but in san diego area...i think she moved out here to be of help to max and ruby with their two wild young-uns.

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