Sunday, August 19, 2007

boy and fish

Oh its so hot...i feel like i'm melting. thank goodness the gym was AC-ed. a weird thing happened at the gym i noticed today.....the people who were lifting weights, all of them, began to look like famous comedians to me. first i saw john cleese, with his big teeth and a smile that looked like a grimace (because it was) trying to do that jerk lift thing with about 2bls weight --- that was sad. then i saw don rickels - wow -he was just walking around in dark socks looking for a place to sit, i think. he is just ugly and sweaty - thats all i can say. then i saw a jewish dude doing light weight arm curls who looked like billy crystal. carol burnett was doing her inner thighs. that wasn't the weight room, that was on the machines. stevie wonder although not a comedian was there on the treadmill, he was singing to his ipod. flip wilson was next to him. finally jimmy durante "in drag" kept popping his head in the mirror when i was trying to see myself! hotchachachacha.

hmmmmm, think i need a nose job?


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha Jimmy Durante in drag is too much of a visual!!!! must of been the heat!!!!hahaha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nose job?? No way!!

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