Monday, July 9, 2007


This painting is called "waiting". this is one of 78 paintings (thats right, 78) i'm doing for a tarot card deck with T.L. Orcutt, master tarot card reader and psychic. T.L has written many books already and now we colaborate on this deck and book. he is a very dynamic man. I think he is more than just psychic, i don't know what else he is though.......hmmm. he has a good sense of humor, too.
but, anyway, I can't wait to get this project done and into the publisher. i'm hoping for september, or at least by the end of the year. he is more ready than me to have this into the publisher.... he has already done his half of the work, written the accompanying book.
North Lights is interested in doing a book on me doing this book. oddly, they aren't interested in publishing tarot card decks and books, though. only on me, the artist, learning about tarot and doing the art for the deck. wow! that's a lot of mileage out of this project. a book about me doing a book.... perhaps, then i could do an article on me doing a book about me doing a book. yes, i think that can happen too. so this is a painting of you readers, waiting for the many books about art and tarot cards and me doing books and me doing books and me doing articles about books. this is sounding like one of brooke's bedtime stories.
yeah, that makes sense to me at this hour.

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