Saturday, July 7, 2007

somewhere...... is an outfit

i still don't have my red-white and blue out(frickin') fit. can you believe this? i'm exhausted. so, for christ's sake, i'm wearing my usual blue tshirt and the jeans with white paint on them. maybe i will wear red socks - but that's as star-spangled as i can get.
i should have had my show last march, then i would have worn just one color - green.
i have never liked dressing in red, white and blue. do you think i have an issue with this? maybe this is stirring up a deep seated problem i have regarding having to wear costumes for parades when my mom wanted me to be a tap dancer and baton twirler. that was a miserable time. (see wanda, last month's post called "father's day")


Anonymous said...

Good Luck in NY!!! we're pullimg for you!! From your friends at Ramona Art association.

lisa bebi said...

i love you guys in are my special kind of fan!!!

too bad you can't come too....

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