Monday, July 9, 2007

yankee damn doodle

guess what? i still don't have an outfit and i leave tomorrow morning.

this is why:
this morning i called my assistant Kathy..."Good news, Kathy, i have the solution to the outfit problem, i can wear my navy blue dress suit, red camisole, white scarf."

kathy, stammers, "i- don't- think- that- will- work, Lisa".

I'm shocked, "what? why not? what could possible be wrong with this idea? its NY, afterall, they are stuffy dressers, not like southern CA."

"well", kathy edges toward the truth of the matter, "you have to think, Lisa, you have a little problem with hotflashes and sudden sweats, and what if you get too hot in the crowds, even if it is air conditioned, you'll be talking to people and you might need to take off your jacket, uhm, i don't think a thin camisole will work."

"But," i sputter, "I have a matching red bra".

she just sadly shakes her head no.

damn. i know for sure a shirt under the jacket wouldn't work for 2 nano seconds, i get too hot. i need that portable fan that was part of the campanion kit. (see previous post about kathy's universal strap-on artist care kit)...
so, at this final hour, i'm still working on the outfit. god, what a pain.

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fredg said...

Uh,you're writing that at 1am and you leave in the morning. That sure resolves your not liking flying and being worried about flying jet blue 'casue you'll be so tired you won't know what's going on. Well, bon voyage! I know the show will be well received and we're all rooting for you. By the way, what happened to photos of the work to be exhibited? Have a safe trip and please post lot's of photos, ok. lol.

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