Tuesday, July 10, 2007

start spreading the news.....

i wanna be a of part of it....NEW YORK, NEW YORK...........

ok kathy, stephanie and i landed safely in the big apple about 11 p.m. their time. pretty dang exciting. our shuttle driver from the airport was over excited himself. he almost got into a fist fight with a new mercedes driver. i kinda missed it cuz i was jabbering away to kathy about the fleas i think i picked up in the baggage collection aisle, but poor young stephanie was horrified and silently praying for her life since she was the sole witness to this road rage. too bad kathy and i were preoccupied, we could have explained to her that road rage here probably isn't like road rage in southern california. so. cal. there are no close calls, like tonight's "....ok step out of your car and say that to my face.." stuff. in so.cal, there is a shot heard then someone else is veering off toward the nearest hospital or ditch. there is no time for "cheap talk" in so. cal.

we are staying in a hotel across from "the garden".....interesting people hang out around here. it must be a popular place for down and out pugilists and bouncers.......at least in our hotel lobby.

i could use a nice manhatten martini....with an egg cream in the other hand.

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