Wednesday, July 11, 2007

we were walking down 5th ave., minding our own business .....

......WHEN out pops the apple store, right next fao shwartz toy store next to central called us pulled us into its vortex, suctioned us to the laptop counter and the iphone counter and the next thing we knew, there were boxes flying and numbers whirling and credit cards a-leaping out of our hands until stephanie exchanged her mother's credit card for an iphone....and somehow i ended up with this wonderful new macbook pro.

please don't tell my husband...

but this is very very cool. the iphone is awesome too. stephanie was reading the new york times while waiting for our diner tonight. she also checked the weather and talked to her friends. i want one of those too, but i restrained myself.

come to think of it, don't tell anyone in my family. i think i'm going to hide this little baby under my bed.

we also went to MOMA, and central park and trump tower, garment district...but that was so pale in comparision to the mac purchase.
later we went to the huge macy's department store- i almost bought mac makeup to go with it.


stephanie said...

I am commenting on here with my iPhone.... How exciting. I'm very excited for you though with your new laptop, yay for mac users!

fredg said...

It sounds like you're having a great time. And if you're there, the poor jet blue driver must have flown the plane and landed ok. There's nothing as nice as being attacked by new techie stuff. Just don't fall into the trap of reading any of the instructions, ok. Please tell us how the show at the gallery went - - huh, you did go didn't you? Oh yea, if you pass a Bose store get the sound cancellation earphones and (back to Apple) an iPod so you can fly to future are shows in greater comfort. Have a safe enjoyable journey back.

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