Monday, July 9, 2007

last entry about red, white and blue....promise

believe it or not, i have been getting phone calls and private emails from readers who want to help me find the perfect outfit for the big art opening. or, at least guide me toward something to wear, albeit, j.c. penneys, or walmart or a blue light special that could work and to get me off this subject, already! i just want to assure everyone that i have now got my outfit together. in fact, i have 4 outfits in red, white and blue...more than enough of them.

this is the story of my life..... i freak out about something i have to do that i resist doing, i.e. wearing red, white and blue, then somehow it all turns in on itself and next thing i know, i only wear red, white and blue. the truth is , l have freaked about the red, white blue for so long, that those colors are taking over my life. its like swear words to someone with terrets. for instance, i now own patio chairs in red, white and blue with a matching umbrella. i now own a red car. i have bought red, white and blue headbands, shoes, notecards, pillowcases, watches and luggage. crap, i have backdoored myself into being patriot.

BUT, i was finally saved from myself today when i made one more desperate trip to Distinctions dress shop in grossmont shopping mall. they specialize in high end, artsy clothes for the more shapely woman. this place is a dream come true for me. and indeed i found plenty of clothes. i really trust valerie who works there to dress me. she knows exactly what i am looking for and what will work for each occasion. she is my dresser. she dresses other people too, like marty emerald and i think ex san diego mayor, wats-her-name oconnor.
so now i have a keeno-cool outfit of a white linen duster, white shell top and dark jeans with white pearl details, artsy silver jewelry of doves flying around my neck. i also got a foxy haircut.......oh ok, i got just a haircut, not exactly foxy and black rimmed glasses and a bit of MAC makeup. so, i think i'm ready to fly jetblue tomorrow. audios amigos. but i'll be back.

god willing.

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Anonymous said...

Adios my friend!! Good Luck!!


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