Sunday, July 1, 2007

ou la la !!

i am going to be teaching a workshop for Artfest 2008 in washington state (on one of the islands) next april. this class, entitled "family paint over", will require the artists to bring photocopies of snapshots from their family photo album. i will help them create an interesting story out of it. for instance, this piece i created here entitled "la petite fille", (a commissioned piece).

this started out as a ugly photo of a girl just standing in front of her house about 1963. it was a real boring snapshot.

i decided to make her a cute young french fille enjoying a fanicful day in paris. i couldn't help it, i had to give her this goofy hat too. the buildings are created from old french love letters. the lower skyline has funky cars. this piece is 8" x 10" and on birchwood panel. the paint used was acrylic, the rest is collage - which makes it, therefore, mixed media

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