Sunday, July 1, 2007

look at this!!!!

i just got my advanced issue of stampington's catelog and inspirations magazine all in one. i am very proud to say my work is on the cover. and lots of my samples are inside too, with details on my techniques.
you will be able to pick this up at b&n's and other book stores as well as from michales or order it straight from, click magazines in a couple of weeks.
for this particular magazine project, i was given 3 stamps (surprise stamps - meaning i had no advanced idea or choice of what subject matter i was to get) and i was asked to create 3 pieces each of these stamps. the stamp for the cover here is of the tree, and i took it from there.
the other stamps were davinci's dragonfly and a venice facade. i love these kind of challenges.
for this one, i worked on clayboard.
generally clayboard is used for scratchboard technique, but i used to paint on because the clay absorbs or satsurates color . the background was done this way:
i completely coated it with acrylic cadmium yellow medium, once dried i painted with hookers green, before this could dry, i filled a syringe with alcohol and squirted it on the bottom half of the green to make wormhole and tree root appearance . then i painted the middle portion with warm white, stamped the tree image and glued down a found a picture of a bird, and a quote about trees. painted chipboard (i bought the frame shaped chipboard from memories in the making, a scrap book store in la mesa) in burnt sienna and glued on top as a frame for the birdie.
do you like it?

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