Monday, July 2, 2007

ah, nothing like the smell of a new studio and gallery

toni torgersen and i have made the move into what we like to call our own piece of heaven. we have set up shop at the vons shopping center, inside the memories in the making scrapbook store. i don't know the address yet, but it is on the corner of la mesa blvd and university ave. in la mesa. come visit us!! we have studio space and gallery space and best yet, frontage window space!

now i don't want anyone freaking out about this, but now i have 2 studios. you might wonder why 2? the reason is a bit convoluted, i admit, but basically, the north county one in escondido is my painting studio and the store front is my neighborhood studio where i will be doing all my magazine work. that's right, i feel a bit divided or schizo, but it becomes more meaningful if you see the kind of junk i have at one vs. the kind junk at the other. there was just not enough room for all that junk in one studio.

my time will be divided about equally between the two studios. its rather like having two children.

toni on the other hand has just one studio ----- so far.

so today we both bought our stuff in from our home studios. about 45 minutes into it, things were looking a bit beyond us. so, i made a desparate call to - you- know- who, my saviour from any calamity, kathy olsen. she is my organizer (she will organize anyone) and my calendar girl. after i talked to kathy and realized i dragged the wrong stuff down there - i brought stuff from my garage instead of my dining table that i was currently working on. she helped me realize the point of the excersize of getting this studioin the first place.... that is, to get art stuff out of the house.

so i made an excutive decision, i decided to wait for her to come in and direct me.
that decided, i sat down and created for the rest of the day (so did toni)....ahhhhhhh! that was lovely. i actually got a lot done, even though the boxes stuff were this way and that.

i haven't menitoned yet my long time artist friend and cohort, meredith. meredith and i have been meeting and creating every other friday for years. meredith, i am hoping will join us, but if not, she will be around sometimes just for good play, to help with her wise critques and enthusiasum and to show.
later this year, my cousin anita (from san clemente) will come and show her fabulous watercolors with us at the gallery for a month.

also, once we get it all put together, i wanna have an "beyond paper dolls" party. see,, beyond paper dolls. doesn't that sound like a blast?

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Brenda said...

Thanks for pimping our store! Memories in the making is located at 8042 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa. Our phone # is 619-589-8868. We enjoy having you gals around!

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