Monday, June 18, 2007

why a spleen?

i know you people must be thinking, why "pimp my spleen". my assistant kathy warned me that people might go to my blog looking for enlarged spleen disorders and those people..i'm sorry, but maybe i can help. take two glasses of red wine and drink it before bedtime and listen to soothing sinatra music.

well, it is not easy coming up with a title for a blog, and so at the time of learning how to post a blog, i had weird symptoms - i went to the doctor and he crypically told me my spleen felt enlarged - so he ordered some tests. that was on a friday - never go to a doctor on a friday.....all weekend i told my husband i couldn't move from the bed and to not touch me because i had an enlarged spleen...there was lots of drama. i even called my grown kids and told then....oh i have an enlarged spleen - "don't worry about me....but just i case, i have set up a trust." i called the art association, "i'm sorry i can't make this board meeting, i have an enlarged spleen." i had no idea what this meant, but knew it had to be serious because no one i ever knew had a case of a swollen spleen.

after tons of test, of course, no one seems to know a thing about any enlarged spleen.

by the way, the doctor who informed that my spleen felt enlarged, was no dr. hot (see future posts, "oh my poor feet", etc.). dr. hot does everything the right way...

so thats what i say in reply -

pimp my spleen.

this painting of mine called "pepperfish". these guys remind me of spleens.

so does my car...a prius.

and so does my dog when he sleeps in a round donut shape, since he is a red doberman.......oh, hold on...thats a kidney!


kimbersart said...

your a hoot! I love it. Good luck make millions before your spleen gets!

what is that about....

go to a nutritionist they will know or and ask the herbal pharmacist

Laurie Mika said...

Hey Lisa,
Congrats on the're ahead of me on this!! I think I will be the last person in the art universe to have a blog! Wishing you all good things, including a shrunken spleen! Talk to you soon,

lisa bebi said...

hi kim, thanks for tuning inot my blog. hey everyone ---- she has wonderful horse art.

lisa bebi said...

laurie mika!!!!!
she has the BEST tile art i have ever seen.

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