Monday, June 18, 2007

more on "pimp"

so someone asked me...why "pimp" my spleen?

well, i thought it was sorta catchy know what i'm saying...?

if i have to have an alleged swollen spleen, why not sex-say it up?

sortof like this painting i did of this old grannie bringing home her dinner. she's being bold and also looking after her diet. so i thought i should sex-say her up... she deserves it. the picture of this painting was taken before i finished it (the painting)completely, i added highrises in a new york sort of way to counter her down-home, backwards style. i believe by adding a cityscape behind her, she became more interesting. and you guessed it, more sex-say. i'll post the finished piece - i need to get my camera guy over to the studio again soon.

Today, i got great news in the mail!!!! i'm so excited to have been chosen to teach at artfest 2008!!!! it's such an honor to have been chosen since i know i was competing against tons and tons of great artists across the county for a slot. i will teach a fun painting class called "family paint over". it is a technique i developed over this last year. i got great exposure through somerset magazine last september (2006) with a wonderful interview by jana holstein.

also today, my assistant kathy and i went up to my studio in escondido to get "organized". kathy is a total mastermind at organization. i helped by driving us up there. i painted while she wielded a labeler like a machinegun. she is japanese and goes through and organizes stuff like a fast-paced sushi chef with frighteningly large knives. i could have sworn i saw my art elements glinting like light on a stainless steel blade. i asked her at one point if she would like to listen to music while she worked....she said without looking up...."i don't care, either way, once i'm focused, i just push ahead." boy, i'll say.

we had a lunch break, once refreshed she said that she would like to push for the finish line in a very intense hour before going home.

well, she pushed hard, but didn't get to finish...i thought she might be depressed, but she wasn't, she said she had it all figured out and that it would take one more session to get my studio completely organized. i am beyond impressed. she showed me the drawers that are now labeled containing different things.

one for glues, one for scissors, one for chipboard, one for ribbons, etc.....then my paints in color coded bins. blues separated out in warm and cool colors, pinks separated from reds, etc. wow.

i think i will get my camera guy to take a picture of the studio too. i might charge admission!

that reminds me, i have a painting called "sushi bar"....let me see if i can get it posted.


Plain Jane said...

congrats on artfest! Have you been to it before? Cool.
"Pimp my Spleen" huh? you mean that blog name wasn't already taken???? shocking!
cool painting of grammy

lisa bebi said...

hi jane!!!!

thanks for reading my have a very cool one too, lots of art.

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