Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a short rest at the sushi bar

i found out how to post this painting i did (sold) entitled "sushi bar"...it reminds me of kathy and i (although i'm not japanese, but i am fat and fond of sitting in a sauna) hanging out after a hard day "organizing".

one funny thing about kathy i recently found out....she hates fish (this includes sushi) ..hahahhahaha. that just busts me up! she also hates tomatoes which is even funnier - why? because her parents/family had a large tomato farm near hilltop high school when she grew up..... i guess you have to know kathy to know this is funny...she can be contrary! and proud of it.

ok, i am going back to work now. i have an art rubber stamp line that i hope to get out before xmas through stampington. the deadline for xmas stuff is before the end of this month.

also today i managed to get over to "distinctions" in grossmont center (la mesa). my favorite place to buy clothes that are artsy, silkyor linen-y. i told valerie, the one who dresses me, to pick out something for me to wear to new york...it needs to be red, white or blue..but hopefully not all three. i need them before the end of the month.

that done, i paid postal annex for shipping off my art to new york...it was cheaper than i thought it would be - $250!!! yay, that includes the return shipping too! i thought it would be more like $1,000. i love janell at the postal annex near me. (vons shopping center, la mesa). she did it all.

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