Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tomorrow night at SDAI

this is a picture of my son, jamie. his head is shaved here because sadly a friend of his had to have her head shaved because she was undergoing brain surgery. i think her surgery was a success, thats good - i know jamie has grown his hair out again. anyway, the reason i am showing his picture here is to tell you that his will be reciting his famous poetry at san diego art institute tomorrow night - at the poetry and art happening. he is a featured artist (poet). his friend, zuri is also going to be there as a featured artist, he paints, plays sax and reads too, i think. they do it together sometimes too. i will be there as proud momma...also my daughter brooke will be there too. being proud, like me, not performing. notice jamie is standing beside gertrude stein's gravestone? i raised him right, didn't i? not only is he a pure artist, he completely understands and appreciates an artist benefactor......


fredg said...

Dear Kid, I'm sort of new to blog reading - -the only other one I read is started last month by someone very close who has very serious cancer. So it's a little refreshing to read a blog about someone I care a great deal about and her pet spleen. What type of breed is that anyway? Well, I love your writing and your artwork and Jamie sure looks a lot like your dad and just remember that I liked your art before you were really discovered (which is happending incrementally but happening nevertheless). Also, I don't notice the typos and my recommendation is to forget them and just keep posting updates - - it's more important to let us know how you're doing than take the extra time to get the speling korect. LOL. Hope you post the works to be displayed in New York. fredg

lisa bebi said...

oh its my favorite male cousin on my dad's side....oh hi fred!!!! thanks for reading my blog. i will have to post family pictures too.
love, lisa

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