Wednesday, June 20, 2007

be careful what you wish for.....

so my youngest daughter, rosie, saw my blog and wanted to know why jamie gets to have his picture in it and not her. i told her the truth; i am afraid to post her picture because i am afraid of perverts looking at her and wanting to contact her. she, like most girls her age, thought i was being an over-reactive, paranoid, overprotective, "backwards in time" parent. also, she informed me that she has her own blog and that no one other than her friends talk to her. i knew that---except i didn't realize it was a blog...i thought she was sharing anime pictures somehow. while considering this new info i got the heebee geebees and i began to think....summer vacation for her is about to start...she is already on the internet......hmmmm, she will have more time on her hands......maybe i ought to be a proactive parent and tell the world (of perverts and/or normal people) what it is really like having a young daughter (see photo at right). so i decided to post her photo. but first let me say this....rosie's dad is deep into the mafia and i carry a shotgun with a hair trigger, rosie herself knows how to disable a man (or woman as the case may be) within a split second.
futhermore she has the loudest siren mouth i have ever heard. again, see picture at right.
OK to save myself from hearing her running her foghorn off at me for tossing in her kindergarden picture (she is special), i added the recent picture from our vacation last march in washington state (while i attended artfest 2007). notice she looks totally capable of kicking someone in the balls.

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