Sunday, June 17, 2007

father's day

so for father's day, my dear husband invited some clients of his (ex clients as he resolved their case years ago (in a positive way)..... still they are very cool people) for over for dinner. they are vacationing here from atlanta...they also brought their 2 grand daughters, 10 and 8, i think.

my daughter, rosie, was in charge of entertaining them.....i think they were a bit much for her. luckily we have a swimming pool. i looked in on them at one point and noticed they were playing dodgeball in the water with my daughter's head as the target. she can be longsuffering some times.

anyway, antonia (grandpa) is from cuba orginially, and so my husband prepared a meal that took on the pace of an italian or cuban sunday family started with shrimp newburg at 2 in the afternoon, and finished finally with a bit of ice cream at 9! we had crackers and cheese, fetticini alfredo (homemade)and roasted pork and salad and fruit - all in steps. i don't remember how many bottles of wine. at the end we had espresso - 2 cups.

so he was totally pooped by the end of teh evening, which was good because i don't think he noticed we forgot to get him a present. poor baby.

we cleaned the house all weekend, which is a huge accomplishment.....

but our guests said what every guest says....we like your house because it looks very "lived-in". not a museum, we don't feel uncomfortable here. which must be kinda true, because everyone stays a long time. of course i noticed that they eyes jump from one counter to the next looking for a resting spot that never materializes. i think, perhaps, they stay out of mental exhaustion.

this painting is called "miss wanda" - but i am thinking my rosie deserves this picture for being an angel. and a dodgeball target.

time for bed, sweet dreams.

hmmmm, wonder what my husband would want for father's day.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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