Saturday, June 23, 2007

the "tazzers" collage

here is the mixed media piece i did of "tazzers" lately. i love that dog.
but to be fair, i have to admit, although it kinda looked bad - the previous post of him in a superman sweater and a backpack and, yeah, the nasty looking collar, my daughter, brooke, is very, very good with her dog, er, gracie.
when gracie was living with us (as "tazzers") he had no discipline. in fact, he terrorized the neighborhood, our doberman and "pretty kitty". our mail carrier threatened to stop delivering the mail. the dog catcher was here routinely. and our gardeners turned off our sprinkler system because the tazzers liked to dig them up. he chewed holes in our sofa, ate out of the trash can and once in a while would smoke a hard dried cat turd. but apart for that, he was a well behaved dog. he is grandma's dog!

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