Friday, June 22, 2007

my only grandchild

this is gracie...he is my only grandchild. when he is with me his name is tazzers (nickname for tasmanian devil) because i think that name is more masculine.....(yeah, i know) ...more masculine than gracie. i understand they named him gracie because he
is not very graceful. i can see the humor in it....but i worry that he might have issues later........from his name and , of course, the fact that he is a slave dog. and putting him in a superman colored sweater is only going to confuse him more. see what he is doing here? he is try to smell his way to grandma's house. because of my cooking, of course.
come to grannie, tazzers, you can run free and naked as god intended you to be.
i did a mixed media painting of him for a dog art show last month in university heights. let me see if i can upload it. look out, dan adams,....there is more than one dog in this town.
(dan adams is known in san diego, for his oil paintings of his little dog , a pug, i think).

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