Friday, June 22, 2007

madonna and child, 1951

this is another christmas painting for the magazine. ( see, somerset studio. it is of my mom and my brother. this photo was taken before it was finished. i added a few elements, the baby got a sewn halo, for instance and i believe i added a lone star in the upper left and deepened the green behind her. these piece have already been submitted to the magazine.
sometimes people ask me how i get the dreamy effect with my paint. i use acrylic paints, they dry fast, so i create the look by blending the paint colors on the support, letting it dry and then pooling watered down color on top. this works best if you have a gesso support.
my daughter will be out of school shortly - so off to see "evan almighty" we go. she has a swim meet this weekend. it will be grueling....not so much for her, but for us old folks.


fredg said...

Ok, will shoot, I got so excited about opening up photos of the art that's going to be in the NY show that I lost my comment for the blog so I'm now writing faster than what I did before that was done pretty fast. First, a big WOW! The work is beautiful, very serene and thoughful with lots of possible insights - - no wonder folks like it. I'm going to try to print some on photo paper and display them at home and work - - where do i need to send payment to be able to do that and what's the charge. I'll bet Dine charges if you print one of his hearts or bathrobes but why would anyone want to do that when I can just look at an old valentine or look at my robe hanging in the closet. Ok, gotta run so please enjoy the movie, say hi and lots of love to all. Oh, I forgot, I like the idea of showing the art for the show over time - - sorta like walking through a gallery and seeing the art one by one instead of photos dumped all together and the suspense is nice - - I'm looking forward to the next "issue". lol, f

Toni T. said...

Lisa, Madonna and Child, 1951 is one of my favorites! But then, I love them all and to pick just one would be impossible. Congratulations on ArtFest! How you find time to all of this is beyond me- you're like the energizer bunny!- keep on going---
My first time on a blog site- I'm slowly coming into the 21st century. Looking forward to your next entry. Good luck to Rosie this weekend. Toni

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