Thursday, June 21, 2007

for cousin fred who wanted to know......

my cousin fred from washington d.c. wanted to know what i have been
so for you, fred, here on the (right) is one of the paintings that i have shipped off to show at the amsterdam whitney museum, NEW YORK...this is entitled "farm boys". i don't know why, but i like to paint wholesome looking kids in a kind of roughed up background as contrast. this piece started out as an experiment in using the color violet/purple. i often challenge myself by limiting my palette or by setting out to struggle with an unusual palette... in this case it was violet. now that it is finished, i believe that the painting held up well with this color; the extra fun feature turned out to be the boys' copper-colored hair.
i will add the other paintings that i sent off to new york one by one..... i want to create the suspense.

today i worked and worked on 14 pieces to send off to stampington & co. --- i am an Artist on Call for them, which means i am given art assignments. currently i have 10 pieces due by the end of this month regarding xmas imagery. there are also other magazines within stampington that i submit to as well. one is altered couture. there is a very interesting challenge that just came out for that one that is due end of july --- plenty of time. i don't know if i am allowed to say what the challenge is. i will ask and get back to you on that.

meanwhile, i have also been drafting graphics for a line of stamps. its exciting. i hope to complete all the xmas creations by monday.
here, on the LEFT, is a small preview of one of my mixed media pieces for somerset studios...i took a pic of this before i completed it.... since i have photoed of this, i added details like sewing and sparkle....and... now there is a stitched star up in the right and corner and the baby has hair.
oh, by the way, this morning, before my daughter brought back my car, my husband stepped outside to pick up the morning paper. he came back in the house totally panicked...he thought our car was stolen....i kinda forgot to tell him brooke needed to drive me home last night. in others words, i was busted!
but hey, i found my was under the seat of my car! (lost 2 days and no phone messages on it)!!!!
oh-no this is how i find out i'm unpopluar. boohoo
ok, thanks for caring. night.

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fredg said...

Oh wow! I love the work for the art show. But you're a little devil to string them out. Now I'll have to pay for a long term subscription to the blog site so I'm able to see all the art that'll be in the show - - just kidding about paying and actually I'm looking forward to seeing the paintings over time, sort of like seeing them one by one in a gallery only slower. At some point when I have some time, ok if I ever have the time I'm going to try to print some of the paintings on photo paper and see what they look like - - if it works they're gonna get displayed at home and/or at work - - where do I send my payment for the right to display them? Hope you enjoy the movie, last winter we were going to all the new releases then we got stuck in a Blockbuster rut and haven't been able to climb out of that. ok, I'll check back later - say hello & lots of love to all.

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