Thursday, June 28, 2007

beatnik poets: bob dylan, mcclure and ginsberg

for cousin fred who is more closely aligned to me genetically than we thought: a bob dylan piece

speaking of grainy....sorry about this poor image, i had to drag it in from my website. this is a piece of mine entitled "joker and thief" there are lyrics at the top that say "all around the watchtower...." , etc.

this sold to the highest bidder ($800) at last year's (2006) panache fundraiser for escondido arts. it was an exciting live auction, lots of buzz about the piece and hot bidding with the losing bidder breathless, excited and determined, turning to me and asking for another piece of mine she had seen (see, "sushi bar", previous post) and instantly buying that one for $500 (smaller piece). someone also bought "manic excitement" the same night. i haven't posted that one yet. funny, the title matched the evening.

anyway, about this dylan piece, when i started to paint this, i had to redo dylan a couple of times because i couldn't believe that his "hair- nose-glasses" were that comic looking. i thought i had sunk into cartoon drawing mode.

he so stood out from the other 2 guys, that finally to counter-balance the obvious clown look in the middle of the painting, i felt compelled to put a cone hat on michael mcclure and an indian headdress on allen ginsberg......all i can say is.....sometimes cone-hats just happen. (i hope to quoted on that one day as a classic quote).

i can see the future........someone will ask as a trivia question .....who was it to first say ..."and sometimes cone hats just happen"........?
oh, yes it was that artist who was trying to paint dylan.

oh, just so you know, i am up at 5 a.m. because of another menopause moment. i couldn't sleep, too many hotflashes.

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