Thursday, June 28, 2007

update on my "doin's"

my "doin's". that's what my mom would have called updates. she would say, "now, tell me your doin's"...or, "i don't know what are her doin's these days ". she was from the south.
her name was Ruby. her images appear constantly in my work. the piece my cousin fred was talking about (see comments) is posted at amsterdam whitney gallery website. it is of my mom and brother. another modanna and child 1950's piece. see, click "artists", then "lisa bebi" case you forgot my name.

so my doin's:
the day before yesterday my daughter rosie and i went up to stampington and company in laguna hills, home of the publications (68 of them yearly) and my favorite, Somerset Studio. we met with jenny doh and jana holstein, editors - what great women they are. anyway, we firmed up our commitments to one another. i am so pleased to be partnering with the various art magazines. lots and lots of very cool stuff is coming down the pike.
if you don't have a clue what i am talking about check out:, click magazines and publications. i am a constant contributor, an "artist on call" and now i will be having a stamp line through them - hopefully coming out in time for xmas.
the big bonus surprise was this: rosie has a gig with them too!!!! my 12 year old decided to alter her little jacket and shoes. she is always doing that; marking up her stuff to make it look more "personal". when jenny saw them, she liked them, so off came her jacket and shoes right then and there - left for a photo shoot. luckily she had an extra pair of flip-flops in the car. and more luckily than that she didn't alter up her pants and shirt.
she is also going to do an "little apprentice" article (3 page spread) involving her lovely paintings. amd another article, for another publication regarding her anime work. what a lucky, lucky girl.

and lucky me.....i am really happy about this development because, dang, i was really wondering what to do with her for summer. also she needs to earn some money for her trip to washington, d.c. next year. she has been making bracelets and necklaces and selling them to her friends (custom colors) and small paintings of mostly swimming images to sell at swim meets. but enough about her.

back to my doin's.....yesterday i met with toni torgerson and the owners of Memories in the Making, scrapbook store in la mesa. we shook hands on a deal....toni and i are moving our studios into their side room july 2nd.
what? you say, but you already have a nice studio in escondido. (maybe that wasn't you who said that, maybe that was my poor enduring husband)
well, i know that, and i am keeping that studio and working up there most weekdays i will do my large paintings there, but memories is literally down the street from me. i will do my smaller works and magazine work at the store. also there is a showcase area that we will manage as a gallery. toni and i are very excited about this new partnership and venture. we will have an opening soon.

this saturday i am showing work at the eureka springs event in escondido. come by if you are in the area. there will be food and music and activities.

sunday i will be in east county at "master of the moment" conducting art pick up from our regional show - congrats again to all who got in to this highly competetive event.

oh one last thing, since rosie will be reading this: she won the highest honor at her swim team banquet tuesday night, the lion award for being the top placer on the team, (meaning she had accrued the most points for placing in meets throughout the year). we are very proud of her.
brooke's hearing is back (see post on her temporary hearing loss due to mob scene LA) and i still haven't heard from my son. he is probably very busy getting a job....
ok back to bed now.

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